​Hijama or ‘wet cupping is a safe, non invasive, non surgical, preventative, curative and therapeutic treatment that was established over 1400 years ago, which works at the cellular level.

Hijama is an extension of acupuncture and general cupping, but it is a completely separate therapy from regular cupping.  Hijama  literally means sucking or drawing out in Arabic. It is the ultimate detoxification and cleansing treatment with a unique ability to draw out toxins, stagnant blood, inflammation, and excess uric acid  from the body in a very safe manner.

The environment that we live in exposes our bodies to a toxin overload, through the air we breath, the food we consume, the water we drink, the pharmaceuticals that we take and the daily products we apply to our bodies. These air borne pollutants as well as preservatives, pesticides and chemicals enter our bodies and blood stream creating vast amounts of illnesses and diseases that we see in our fellow humans. Hijama allows the release of these toxins that have been accumulated and confined in our bodies, creating havoc to be released. And this helps boost our immune system, promotes and boosts the circulatory system and allows our body to heal, repair and fight back to cure itself.